LEZIONI DI FOTOGRAFIA – CORSO INTENSIVO IN DUE SETTIMANE – dal 1 aprile 2019 a Spazio Tangram Napoli

CORSO BASE INTENSIVO DI FOTOGRAFIA  “Lezioni di fotografia” di Mario Ferrara | www.marioferrara.it dal 1° al 13 aprile 2019 Tecnica | cenni di storia | cenni di postproduzione | esercitazioni fotografiche in esterno | proiezione finale delle foto dei partecipanti 2 settimane | 6 incontri | 16 ore Sede: Spazio Tangram | Via Bonito 21/b | Napoli inizio: lunedì 1° aprile 2019 Info qui

Convegno – Mostra “Lo spazio pubblico in prospettiva”

Ordine degli architetti pianificatori paesaggisti conservatori della provincia di Avellino


UNIVERSITÀ DI NAPOLI FEDERICO II DIARC – DIPARTIMENTO DI ARCHITETTURA Corso crediti liberi I semestre 2018-2019 RAPPRESENTAZIONE FOTOGRAFICA DELL’ARCHITETTURA Docente: MARIO FERRARA 8 INCONTRI da 3 ore dalle 15.00 alle 18.00 dal 19 ottobre 2018FACOLTA’ di ARCHITETTURA via Forno Vecchio, 36 Napoli aula S 4.2  

How to get a popular group on roblox

ROBLOX ROBUX Hack Roblox is a MMO network Sport designed with the thought of Gamers of 8-18 years of age. The title was released on own computers in addition to devices. Roblox was/is available to get for free. Inside this production, everything specializes in constructing your very own digital universe and discussion. The gameplay starts from creating our own character. We pick headgear its appearance, clothes, and other decorations. What’s more, we could later on produce items of their own. Each the world we produce (the so-called locations) is a type of theme park, where the other players can visit us. We can put here variety of attractions such as for puzzles, races, example obstacle classes, or only location. A physics has recently got an important role. In the world Roblox we could possess up to 2 currencies. The first one are tickets. Because of them we could buy advertisement place, regular clothes and items, in addition to the chance. We receive the tickets if our inventions are visited by others. The currency is robux. Thanks to unlock more attractions. Robux could be acquired in two ways — either by exchanging tickets or by buying them together with our money. […]